5 Reasons You Should Boost Your Business With ZDS In 2015

[Posted on June 8th, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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5 Reasons You Should Boost Your Business With ZDS In 2015

2015 is the time for your brand to step out of the shadows and into the light. ZDS can help you establish a firm foundation for your business’ web presence and boost your social presence quickly with organic followers. Even if you have a great business plan, product or concept, you will need your brand to be recognized for what it is and readily available to people who are searching for your service or product. We will help you take your business to the next level with expert marketing.

5 Reasons to Boost Your Business With ZDS

  1. The very best product, service, or the next best selling novel, will only collect dust if people do not know about it. We will make your product, idea, or service come to life through social media.
  2. We will help you attract your target audience. This means that your posts will be interesting to those receiving them and your followers will likely actually buy the products when they see them on their wall or news feed.
  3. We can focus on getting  your name out there, and maintaining fresh content because that is our service, leaving you to focus your time on your service or product. The less time you have to worry about marketing your brand, the more time you have to actually produce it.
  4. You will receive bi-weekly performance reports showing you exactly how far your brand is reaching. You can rest assured that the growth is people who are actually interested in your company and likely to turn into paying customers.
  5. Your first month is 100% free. There is no contract to sign and no set up fees. We offer you a hassle free way to market your business online.

Our marketing plan will be tailored to your specific business and goals. Each business is different and there is not a one size fits all marketing plan. We will target the areas that you need us to, and focus in on the social media outlets that are most suited to your brand. Zero Down Social offers a commitment free way to market yourself or your brand, with clear reports so you know exactly what we are doing for you. With the first month free the only thing you have to lose is your business’ anonymity.

Contact us at ZDS today for more information about your free Facebook Management trial. We can set your company apart from the rest, and bring you likes, shares, followers, and paying customers through quality content and regular social media posts.

Top Ways For ZDS To Boost Your Sales

[Posted on June 7th, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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Top Ways For ZDS To Boost Your Sales

It’s always desirable to boost your sales and there’s a lot that you can do. ZDS or zero down social is an effective way to do this because it uses social media to put you where all of the action is. The campaigns can be customized and it allows you to interact with a lot of different people. Find out the ways it can boost sales for your business.

Makes the Most of Your Profiles

There are many reasons for social media and you should be aware of them. It’s a low cost way to interact with a lot of people. Establishing the profiles costs absolutely nothing and with ZDS, you can make the most of the profiles that you have created by sending traffic to them.

Connects You with People in Your Community

Once you begin using social media, the marketing allows you to connect with more people in your community. Social media platforms, including Facebook, have begun limiting the number of “fans” who will be able to see your posts at any given time. This means that you may be posting on a page that has 5,000 likes, but not all 5,000 will see your posts within their timelines. By using zero down marketing, you can tap into the full 5,000 and go even further into your community to make valuable connections.

Informs More People About You

People don’t always know about the businesses that are inside of their community unless they are marketing themselves and making it in front of the general public. Marketing in social media tells people that you exist and shares more about who you are. People can read your profile, read your postings, and more.

Places Promotions in Front of More People

If you have a holiday-related promotion, a sale, or anything else, you are going to post it on your website, your blog, and on social media. It is important that your promotions get in front of more people because the more that see it, the more chance you have of people taking advantage of it. A sure way to boost your sales is to maximize exposure and this is where ZDS really can pay off. Zero Down PPC can help to establish a marketing campaign that is designed for your industry and your budget to ensure your promotions make it in front of more eyes.

Talks to People About Your Reputation

One of the best ways to boost your sales is to talk about your reputation. The truth is that people want to do business with those they trust. By utilizing zero down social, your social media profile will tell people about who you are. People will have the ability to see how many “likes” you have and read comments that people have posted to your wall. This can answer questions people have to confirm the type of business you are and form a lasting relationship with you.

Make Paid Social Media Work For You

[Posted on June 4th, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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Make Paid Social Media Work For You

The online content marketing world has heard the cry, “Advertising is dead!” Not so. Advertising is not dead, but it has rather had a complete makeover and lives in our era of social media. Perhaps traditional advertising is quickly becoming a thing of the past, but his grandson, “paid media” is definitely the hot guy in town.

So what is “paid media” anyway? Paid media is the modern day version of what in the past was called “paid advertising.” But today it is smarter, faster and much less expensive than traditional advertising. When you make an investment in order to have your brand, message, business or product put in front of an online audience that is paid media.

So where are these audiences? They are on social platforms. Simply starting up a Facebook page may not be enough to truly reach the numbers you want. If you want your content amplified in a way that will turn into real traffic, real leads and real sales, then you do not just need a Facebook page, you need Zero Down Social.

Social platforms are a very powerful tool that can be used to advertise, create awareness, amplify existing content and begin to generate real numbers for your brand or business. How does Zero Down help? We can take the guess work out of the analytics of your Facebook reach.  Media marketing is a science after all, and we are the scientists that can make sure your voice is being heard via social media.

Online marketing can feel like a labyrinth of algorithms, methods, and just plain old mysteries. With Zero Down you will be assigned an account manager who has been through this maze, and knows it inside and out. We understand the patterns of social media marketing and we understand what it takes to make you stand out in the vast ocean of online content, brands, products and services.

Our services can even monitor the positive and negative chatter about your brand to help you make better informed decisions in the future concerning your offerings. We help build links from social networks, as well as decrease your marketing expenses. Your time is money and every minute you spend puzzling over your social marketing is money you have lost.

You have a brand to run. You do not want to devote all of your time to managing your social marketing. Let us help you create amazing social platforms and keep up with all of the important details.

5 Reasons Why ZDS Marketing Needs To Be In Place

[Posted on June 3rd, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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5 Reasons Why ZDS Marketing Needs To Be In Place

ZDS marketing, otherwise known as zero down social, plays a vital role within businesses around the world. Whether you have an e-commerce site or not, you have to be on the social media sites and it goes beyond having a profile. There are plenty of reasons why this form of marketing needs to be in place within your business.

It’s Where People Are

The number of social media users has increased dramatically over the past several years. Facebook has reported more than one billion user accounts and current research has indicated that close to one in four people around the world have a social media profile of one kind or another. When you want to be where the people are at, it only makes sense to look at zero down social as a form of marketing.

It Covers Many Demographics

Once you find your target demographic, you want to use the most effective form of marketing to reach those people. Social media has been able to cover a wide range of demographics. Facebook alone can cover high school, young adult, middle-age, and retired. Then as you look through the other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and others, you will find that more demographics are covered. Whether you market on one or choose to market on more, it will be possible to reach the people who are the most important to your business.

It Connects People

Social media is great at connecting people. Once you have commented on activity, it can be seen by those who you are friends with. This is advantageous for your business because as people interact with your business by commenting or sharing, it can be seen by all of their social connections as well – and that only makes your business more visible to the community as a whole.

It Can Be Affordable

ZDS marketing can be very affordable. The reason for this is because it’s based on the social media profiles that have already been established and using those in conjunction with paid marketing. There are zero down options, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money out of pocket. Instead, you focus on a campaign that is going to work based on your industry. The money that you spend can be tracked so you know how many leads you get out of it and that goes towards determining your actual return on investment.

It’s Customizable

Everyone has different goals and are within different industries and therefore marketing strategies have to be customizable. A ZDS marketing strategy can be customized to meet the individual needs of your business. When working with Zero Down PPC, a marketing analyst can get to know what’s important to your business and make the necessary recommendations so you get the best possible return on investment.

Top 4 Reasons why Businesses Thrive with ZDS

[Posted on June 1st,2015 by Carly Bevins]

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Top 4 Reasons why Businesses Thrive with ZDS

Social media’s decade-long rise along with the most popular websites on the internet displaying consistently high rankings opens the platform for businesses looking at new ways to reach consumers. At Zero Down Social (ZDS), we help businesses thrive, and here are the top – 4 reasons why.

1. No-Risk

Our 30-day free trial requires no down payment or fees. The ZDS no-risk free trial gives business owners a look at the effectiveness of social media marketing.

We set-up a Facebook page using appropriate attention grabbing photographs and content full of information that invites visitors to follow, like, friend and share the page. The page’s content updates 4-times a week and works to convert visitors to loyal customers.

2. Brand exposure in specific markets

By setting up a Facebook profile and ‘about’ page, we put brands in the top 10 search results. We supply industry specific content that insiders share to bring brand awareness across social networking platforms.

We complete a professional Facebook business profile and an ‘about’ page using keywords that show up on the popular search engines and Facebook searches. We use eye-catching product descriptions, pictures that jump off the screen, embedded links to websites and content written to engage readers who will come back often.

3. ZDS pays the fees

Advertising brands on the right pages, at the right time increases the number of visitors to a Facebook page. The more people like and share a page, the more sales increase.

We pay all the costs of customized ads and place them where the right people will see them and click to see more. Social media markets specific to a product need to see new brands. Advertising campaigns with unique photography and catchy descriptions that prove a new brand will change that industry for the better, interest viewers.

4. Zero Down Pay Per Click (ZDPPC)

We offer a 30-day risk-free trial of our pay-per-click services. We take the lead in advertising campaigns that drive brands and products to the top of the search result pages.

We place ads to optimize a business’ click rate. Once a viewer clicks an ad, they land on a page full of interesting, engaging information useful to industry professionals. The content will persuade the visitor to go to the website and fill-out an information sheet. The information lets us market and sale directly to that consumer.

Our risk-free trial puts businesses on Facebook where stunning photographs, content written by experts and strategically placed advertising increases profitability almost immediately. We work to increase visitor conversions, customer satisfaction and brand visibility with no contracts, no fees, no down payment and no upfront payments.

Increasing Likes on Facebook

[Posted on July 9th by Carly Bevins]

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Increasing Likes on Facebook

Not only do you want to connect with current fans, but also grow your business by finding new fans and turning them into buying customers. But remember, growing your fan base online is a lot like growing your business. You want to find valuable and loyal customers while maintaining your reputation, integrity, quality, and customer service.

They key is to start by setting small reasonable goals, share creative content, be consistent, and interact with customers. Look at your industry, competitors and target audience and decide what plan is achievable for your company, but what also what makes your brand unique. As your presence builds online, so will your business.

Initially this may take time and be slow to start, but can quickly pick up speed and increase in followers, engagement, and purchases. By following a plan tailored specifically for your business, you will be able to build a solid fan base, increase sales, and grow your business significantly.

Learn more about Zero Down Social and how we can take your business to the next level through social media marketing.