How It Works

Step 1: Create Custom Facebook Business Page

A professional custom cover photo and profile picture is key for any business and Facebook page. As a Facebook page and business, you need a professional profile to drive fans to “Like” your page, engage with your brand, and encourage users to visit your website.

  • Information added to Page’s About section: Embedded website link, Description, Product description.

Completing the “About” section of a Facebook page not only shares key information about a business, but incorporates keywords, products, and phrases that are discoverable by Facebook users and search engines.

  • Facebook Settings are updated and monitored to prevent users from posting negative comments, feedback, or posts onto a Facebook page, thus protecting a business’s reputation online from spammers, angry customers, and past employees.

ZDS Facebook Page Settings

Step 2: Develop Social Strategy

Target Audience:

  • Reach your target market: Age, Sex, Nationality, Income, Work, Geographic Location (local, national, global), Marital Status, Buying Habits, Etc
  • Target Competitors: Set your company apart from the competition
  • Target Market Trends: Keep up with the trends in your industry

Step 3: Post Visually Engaging Content

All posts are created by Zero Down Social and are custom and created specifically for the client based on the target audience, product and services, current trends, and future goals. The structure and strategy of a Facebook page’s content will determine the success of the campaign. All content is approved by client prior to posting on behalf of Facebook page.


Step 4: Boost Social Presence

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads are used to promote the Facebook page, contest, and content shared by the brand during the campaign. All costs are covered by Zero Down Social and free of charge to the client. All Custom Ads are created and promoted on Facebook by Zero Down Social.

ZDS Facebook Like Ad

Step 5: Performance Reports

Zero Down Social sends client a biweekly report, which includes:

  • Facebook Like growth and statistics
  • Post reach growth and statistics (total and average per post)
  • Post engagement growth and statistics (total and average per post)
  • Contest activity (views, likes, shares, entries)
  • Updates and Changes to Facebook account
  • Action items and approval needed


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