Not one, not two, but eight (!) benefits to working with ZDS

Posted On: March  24, 2016 by  ZDS

Trying to develop a strong social campaign can be difficult, even for a company with a strong grasp of the rest of online marketing. By working with ZDS to develop your campaign, however, you can skip the awkward phase where you bleed funds for no gain, sidestep the disastrous posts gone viral and the damage to your brand, and move straight into building your audience, your brand, your bottom line.

benefits to working with zerodownsocial

Here are 8 benefits you stand to gain by working with ZDS on your social marketing campaign:

1) A platform for brand building

Very few approaches give a business quite the potential for brand building as a social marketing campaign in the right hands. Of course, in the wrong hands, social media can spell disaster for your branding; it doesn’t take much to put yourself on the wrong side of certain web communities. That’s why it’s so important to work with an expert team, such as ZDS, to make the most of your social marketing and empower your brand with minimal risk.

ZDS can research your prospects; who they are, what they’re into, what they expect and what they do not from a company offering your products or services. From there, they can develop a social campaign that strengthens your brand and your reach without sacrificing authenticity—threading that needle makes the difference between amazing successes and unmitigated disasters.

2) Market research

Social media isn’t well-organized or neat, but in the right hands it can be a potent tool for market research. Once your presence gets people talking about your brand, your products, your competitors on social media, you can dig deep into those people and see what else they talk about, what else they care about, what communities they participate in and overlap with. It doesn’t take long at all to begin identifying market segments you’d never spot from other angles. PPC and SEO have their role in your online marketing, and they can provide their own unique insights, but they can’t offer everything a ZDS campaign can.

3) Increased traffic

A simple advantage of any well-made social marketing campaign is, of course, increased traffic to your website or store. It can be quite tricky to turn the non-commital, ephemeral contact of social media into hard action, but when you get the knack down and apply the right pressure, the benefits are quite impressive. A ZDS campaign can figure out the right moves, the right content, the right phrasing to get your target audience to take notice and take action.

4) Better traffic

More traffic isn’t enough, especially when it’s coming from social media. Cheap tricks such as vapid clickbait only goes so far towards improving your bottom line and making the ROI of social marketing worthwhile. What you really need, and what really separates and expert campaign from an amateurish one, is the quality of that traffic.

A ZDS campaign is tailored to bring in primed and ready prospects, pre-qualified leads most likely to take action once they reach your site. A million page views and a single purchase isn’t worth your time or money—you need experts that know how to cull that million page views down to 1000, all taking action.

5) Agility for response

Once you’re established thoroughly on social media with your target audience, you’re in position to react with amazing agility to anything that arises in your industry. A bad review goes out? You can respond. A new opportunity arises? You can capitalize.

This isn’t something you can do without laying the proper groundwork; the only way to make social media work quickly for you, is to take your time on the front end. This is something a ZDS campaign can do for you, handing you a powerful tool for the future.

6) Word-of-mouth

When you reach out on social media and make some noise, you’re going to get people thinking about you while they’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. And when that happens, they’re going to talk about you with their friends, followers, groups. You can immensely increase the amount of talking about you going on in the world with a good social campaign

Of course, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on what everyone has to say. If you’ve cultivated a positive reputation and a strong brand, it’s going to be an excellent thing. If no one has anything nice to say about you, it might be better to lay low and depend on low-information prospects—that’s hardly a strategy with an eye to the future, however.

7) Insulation from errors

When you leave your social accounts to amateurs, really terrible things can happen in the blink of an eye. You don’t want some passionate intern dragging your brand into a red-button issue because they posted something inflammatory on the company Facebook page. Even if you leave matters in the hands of experienced professionals, mistakes can be made in the heat of the moment—just look at the myriad brands that have accidentally attempted promotion on hashtags for national tragedies, and other social media disasters.

Getting experts to handle your social media on your behalf keeps all of this far, far less likely to occur. They know the mistakes, the slip ups, the disasters in waiting. And if by chance something does go wrong, plausible deniability certainly has value in and of itself.

8) Improved SEO

Social media is where sharebait thrives best. That means that if you leverage it properly, it can become an incredibly potent engine generating natural backlink profiles in perpetuity—no tricks, no deception, no Google updates destroying your search rankings. Just pure, efficient backlinks. Who doesn’t want more and better SEO for their site?

Final thoughts

This is only the tip of the iceberg for what a good social campaign can do for your company; utilized properly, a social campaign can redefine a brand and drive a middling company into the upper echelon of their industry. If you’ve ever wanted to be a kingmaker, a leading authority within your industry, social media is a route to that goal. It’s all a matter of how well you do it.




9 Social Media Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

[Posted on January 24th, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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9 Social Media Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Social media offers countless opportunities for the savvy business, whether they operate primarily online or off, with consumers or other businesses—but there are just as many traps as there are chances to succeed in the world of social networking. To make sure your business doesn’t put itself in a world of PR hurt, be absolutely certain to avoid these nine social media mistakes no business can afford to make:

1. Jumping into a trend blind

Few mistakes can become viral PR disasters quite as damaging as an ill-timed tweet or inappropriate like at a bad time. If you’re operating on Twitter, you don’t want to be jumping onto trending hashtags until you’re certain you know what they’re for—a failure to do a bare minimum of research has landed countless big-name brands in hot water, associating themselves with tragedies, political extremists, and worse. Don’t assume anything from the words in a trend or from a surge in interest that seems related to what your company does—investigate, and see why it’s getting so much attention, and whether you want to be associated.

2. Letting an intern shape your brand

Leaving your social media accounts to amateurs is a serious mistake—whether those amateurs are interns or just marketers uninitiated in social media, the traps remain the same. Social media has a tendency to provoke poorly thought-out, gut-reaction messages from even the savviest of individuals, which your non-experts most certainly are not. You don’t have to look far to see examples of major corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts being hijacked for political, religious, etc. messages not endorsed by the company. Maybe your image includes voicing your opinion on important matters, but it should be a decision by the company, not an intern’s momentary impulse.

3. Blatant shilling

When your social media accounts are blatantly for the purpose of making you money and not much else, no one is going to care. In fact, they might just form a more negative opinion of your company, for invading the social space with even more unwanted, unwarranted noise. No one cares what a company has to say, if all its doing is repeating its marketing messages in social form.

4. Muddying your branding

It’s easy to get too relaxed on social media and accidentally muddy your brand, introducing elements that clash with the image you intend to present. If you’re going for serious and professional, you don’t want to be dropping in funny cat pictures, even if they grab attention. If you’re going for casual and entertaining, you probably don’t want to be linking over to super dry white papers. Think about your brand, as you’ve developed it, and stay on message.

5. Damaging your authority

When you say something really stupid on social media, everyone is going to notice—much more so than if you say something wise and savvy. There’s more for audiences to gnaw on when a company gets something very wrong, so it’s quite easy for authority-damaging misquotes and mistakes to go viral. Control your message, and never say anything you’re not certain to be true and accurate over social media.

6. Engaging without knowing the lingo

Before you get to involved in social media, take the time to learn what terminology people are using, in the social network at large and in the relevant communities within that network. Sometimes specialized language shows up on Twitter or Facebook that you won’t see elsewhere, and acting without a firm knowledge of that language puts a barrier between interested users and your company—a barrier you can’t afford to build.

7. Moving too fast

When you act too quickly in social media, you make more mistakes, you may annoy your audience, and you lose the ‘organic’ appeal most companies prefer to leverage on social networks. Take your time and pace your output, even if you have a huge backlog of content—it’s not going anywhere, and posting it all as fast as you can won’t help you in the long run.

8. Making too much noise

Related to going to fast, you want to avoid saying a bunch of nonsense just to be active. A poor signal-to-noise ratio hurts the value of your social media accounts, as customers and prospects learn to tune out everything you say. When you post to social media, your posts should have something worth reading—all you do by shouting ‘Hey, we’re here!’ once per day is devalue your own social presence.

9. Offering too little value

The ultimate secret of using social media to your company’s advantage lay in displaying the value you can offer customers. When your posts don’t offer anything, people don’t expect your company’s products and services to be valuable either. Make sure to stuff your content full of real value, however, and people will begin to wonder—if they’re giving this much away on Twitter and Facebook, just how valuable are the things they expect us to pay for? That curiosity sells your company better than anything else, without any need for more straightforward sales approaches.

Any one or combination of these mistakes can spell dire results for your company, damaging your image with customers, prospects, and business partners. For this reason, it’s best to either take your time learning the waters of social media before acting, or engaging the services of an experienced social media/social marketing team like ZDS—you’ll get better results with far less risk of your social outings backfiring. Regardless of which route you choose, the most important point is taking social media seriously and putting as much control and effort into it as you would any other marketing channel.