Top 4 Reasons why Businesses Thrive with ZDS

[Posted on June 1st,2015 by Carly Bevins]

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Top 4 Reasons why Businesses Thrive with ZDS

Social media’s decade-long rise along with the most popular websites on the internet displaying consistently high rankings opens the platform for businesses looking at new ways to reach consumers. At Zero Down Social (ZDS), we help businesses thrive, and here are the top – 4 reasons why.

1. No-Risk

Our 30-day free trial requires no down payment or fees. The ZDS no-risk free trial gives business owners a look at the effectiveness of social media marketing.

We set-up a Facebook page using appropriate attention grabbing photographs and content full of information that invites visitors to follow, like, friend and share the page. The page’s content updates 4-times a week and works to convert visitors to loyal customers.

2. Brand exposure in specific markets

By setting up a Facebook profile and ‘about’ page, we put brands in the top 10 search results. We supply industry specific content that insiders share to bring brand awareness across social networking platforms.

We complete a professional Facebook business profile and an ‘about’ page using keywords that show up on the popular search engines and Facebook searches. We use eye-catching product descriptions, pictures that jump off the screen, embedded links to websites and content written to engage readers who will come back often.

3. ZDS pays the fees

Advertising brands on the right pages, at the right time increases the number of visitors to a Facebook page. The more people like and share a page, the more sales increase.

We pay all the costs of customized ads and place them where the right people will see them and click to see more. Social media markets specific to a product need to see new brands. Advertising campaigns with unique photography and catchy descriptions that prove a new brand will change that industry for the better, interest viewers.

4. Zero Down Pay Per Click (ZDPPC)

We offer a 30-day risk-free trial of our pay-per-click services. We take the lead in advertising campaigns that drive brands and products to the top of the search result pages.

We place ads to optimize a business’ click rate. Once a viewer clicks an ad, they land on a page full of interesting, engaging information useful to industry professionals. The content will persuade the visitor to go to the website and fill-out an information sheet. The information lets us market and sale directly to that consumer.

Our risk-free trial puts businesses on Facebook where stunning photographs, content written by experts and strategically placed advertising increases profitability almost immediately. We work to increase visitor conversions, customer satisfaction and brand visibility with no contracts, no fees, no down payment and no upfront payments.