Managing Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

[Posted on October 24, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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Managing Social Media Without Losing Your Mind

Stress is inherent in almost everything you do during these hectic times we live in. One major stressor marketers face is managing their social media presence online. You have to make sure your logo and banner stay fresh, answer comments and questions, and keep your content updated daily, among other things.

Add in the fact that most marketers have a list of several social media platforms in which they engage, and the stress levels can become beyond manageable. This doesn’t have to be the case. By implementing a few extra strategies now, you can help alleviate much of the social media stress later.

Social Media Management Systems

Systems such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Jetpack and others can be a marketer’s best friend when it comes to managing your social media brand. Think of them as a virtual Swiss Army Knife.    These systems are great when you only involve yourself in one social media site. If you are regularly involved in three or more, having a combined social media dashboard is almost a necessity. Otherwise, you could end up spending all your time on social media management and have no time left for anything else.

Social media management systems also work wonders when there is a team involved in working on social media. You can set up accounts for multiple people and each can have its own permissions. This allows for easy management. It also makes it clear, in one place:

*Who updates

*When updates are made

*Which social media was updated

*Provide reminders when updates are needed

Consider an organization that has five or six people who regularly contribute to the social media management. It can be distressful reminding everyone when it is their turn to post and what platform they need to focus on. In addition, you risk having several updates on one network and none on another unless you can keep track of who posted where, and when. Having all this information in one place makes it possible for everyone involved in social media management to stay on the same page.

Content Curation

With all the information available on the Internet, it can become overwhelming. Information overload has a way of plaguing anyone who spends time looking for the latest information to share on social media.  What is new? Where is the best information? How can you find it all, organize it and share it–and still have time to do all the other tasks required to run your business? Content curation answers all these questions for you.

With a good content curation system such as Storify, Scoopit or others like them, you have at your hands what amounts to a whole staff of researchers. They scan the web for new and relevant content based on your keywords. They then help you organize this content quickly and make it easy to share with your readers. You will need to try a few different ones in order to decide which one provides the best fit, but once you settle on one, you will be able to save yourself hours.

Summing it up, content curation programs:

*Save hours of time in research

*Help eliminate information overload

*Deliver relevant content without you having to create it from scratch

*Provide your audience with regular, updated industry information

Content curation programs come with a variety of bells and whistles. That is why it may be necessary to try several before settling on one. It makes no sense to settle for something that doesn’t do everything you would like, but on the other hand, a program that has tons of unused elements is a waste of space and increases the learning curve. Pick the one that best fits your needs and it will be one of your greatest tools.


With certain tasks that don’t require a lot of thought, but do take a lot of time, automation programs such as IfThisThenThat (IFTTT) can help out. Automation can be used for things such as banner and logo updating, a quick post and other regularly performed tasks. The problem with automation, however, is it makes things so easy that some people rely on it too much, never making their own posts and basically forgetting that social media management also includes regular interaction with your followers. Some of the advantages of automation include:

*Automatic update of logo and header

*Ability to update on weekends and holidays and still be with family

*Saves time

*Can make it easier to update more often

It is essential, however, that you take the time to make regular updates yourself. This will help you post breaking news and will allow you the opportunity to interact with followers. Even with automatic posts, schedule time to peruse them and make sure they are effective in creating comments and being noticed. Answer questions and acknowledge comments regularly so that followers know there is a human at the other end of the posts.


While social media platforms normally have their own analytics built right in, there are often limits to what you can find out. Using a program such as SocialMetrics Pro can go beyond the basics. You need to know if your posts are actually getting noticed and you need to be able to see things like what times are most active and the kinds of posts that produce the best results. This enables you to tweak your content to meet the needs of your followers.

Why do you need to know what days and times are most active or what types of content get more attention? Those and many other supposedly minor details can make all the difference in successful social media management. In essence, you want to know if all the time and effort you are putting into this is worth it. If the results aren’t what you hoped for, the analytics will enable you to step back and regroup so you can get on a more productive track.

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