Make Paid Social Media Work For You

[Posted on June 4th, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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Make Paid Social Media Work For You

The online content marketing world has heard the cry, “Advertising is dead!” Not so. Advertising is not dead, but it has rather had a complete makeover and lives in our era of social media. Perhaps traditional advertising is quickly becoming a thing of the past, but his grandson, “paid media” is definitely the hot guy in town.

So what is “paid media” anyway? Paid media is the modern day version of what in the past was called “paid advertising.” But today it is smarter, faster and much less expensive than traditional advertising. When you make an investment in order to have your brand, message, business or product put in front of an online audience that is paid media.

So where are these audiences? They are on social platforms. Simply starting up a Facebook page may not be enough to truly reach the numbers you want. If you want your content amplified in a way that will turn into real traffic, real leads and real sales, then you do not just need a Facebook page, you need Zero Down Social.

Social platforms are a very powerful tool that can be used to advertise, create awareness, amplify existing content and begin to generate real numbers for your brand or business. How does Zero Down help? We can take the guess work out of the analytics of your Facebook reach.  Media marketing is a science after all, and we are the scientists that can make sure your voice is being heard via social media.

Online marketing can feel like a labyrinth of algorithms, methods, and just plain old mysteries. With Zero Down you will be assigned an account manager who has been through this maze, and knows it inside and out. We understand the patterns of social media marketing and we understand what it takes to make you stand out in the vast ocean of online content, brands, products and services.

Our services can even monitor the positive and negative chatter about your brand to help you make better informed decisions in the future concerning your offerings. We help build links from social networks, as well as decrease your marketing expenses. Your time is money and every minute you spend puzzling over your social marketing is money you have lost.

You have a brand to run. You do not want to devote all of your time to managing your social marketing. Let us help you create amazing social platforms and keep up with all of the important details.