8 Ways a ZDS Campaign Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted on December 24 , 2015 by  Carly Bevins

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Looking to improve your marketing return on investment, drive traffic, enhance the way customers view your brand, or otherwise enhance your bottom line? A Zero Down Social campaign can do all this more, given the right time and tools.

8 Ways a ZDS Campaign Can Improve Your Bottom Line

If you’re curious about what you stand to gain from a social marketing campaign by Zero Down Social, sit back and read on, as we cover eight ways we can cut your costs, improve your leads, and refine your marketing.

#1  Lead generation

A solid social marketing campaign, above all else, generates more and better leads for your company to capitalize upon. It’s not enough to make noise on social media and get attention to your website—you need attention you can profit from, attention from market segments which can be turned into paying customers with relative ease. A well-built social marketing campaign from ZDS will help you achieve this, producing qualified leads in substantial numbers. Why inundate your sales team with useless traffic, when you could send them the best, most profitable prospects possible instead?

#2  Driving buzz

Want people talking about your brand, your product, your big announcement on social media? Then you need to remind them that you’re there. All the positive thoughts and goodwill from customers you’ve no doubt developed with your products, customer service, and relationship management does you no good if those customers aren’t telling their friends, family, and acquaintances about you. Develop a social media campaign, remind those customers that you exist, give them a reason to talk about you—set off the word-of-mouth marketing bomb!

#3  Research tool

When you make noise on social media, you get people talking about your company, which is useful in and of itself, but you gain another benefit as well—insight into who cares about your product. Insight into how they use it, what they complain about, who they tell about it. This is information which a savvy company can leverage to develop better marketing materials, better products, and ultimately, derive better profits.

Very few avenues allow you to explore market segmentation to a better degree than a complete social campaign paired with data collection tools—you’ll spot groupings in your consumer base you’d never have imagined even existed, and from there, learn new ways to sell.

#4  Cost-effective marketing

A witty Pay-Per-Click ad doesn’t propagate itself. SEO takes constant hard work, potentially reset by the whim of Google every so often. But a strong social marketing campaign can take off out of control, multiplying your ROI many times over—you just need to strike the right chord at the right time. No other marketing method offers this level of potential return, and nothing endures quite so well as a reputation painstakingly developed across social media.

#5  Branding

How you communicate on social media tells a certain segment of your potential consumer base a lot about you. That’s why it’s imperative that you get it right—that every graphic, article, video, tweet, like, favorite, and follow fits your brand, communicating the image you want to communicate. A less controlled, constructed brand doesn’t offer the same benefits; at worst, you might end up creating a contradictory, incoherent brand, driving away potential customers who feel you’re not right for their needs, goals, or simple preferences. Social media is an excellent way to shape your branding, so make sure you’re doing it right, and talk with some experts.

#6  Authority

You don’t have to know everything about everything to establish authority relevant to your product and reap the benefits; you need to know a lot about one thing in particular, and display that value again and again to the people paying attention. In doing so, you establish firmly in the minds of your prospects that when you offer value, it’s value worth having—which means that when you try to sell something, it’s probably worth buying. That sort of authority is hard to come by, and its potential to build authority makes a social campaign extremely valuable to any company.

#7  SEO

Pen some good content with a link back to your site, share it as part of your social media campaign, and you might just rake in the backlinks. The sort of natural backlink profile Google and other search engines absolutely adore comes from exactly this sort of sharing process, this non-scripted propagation of your link by interested people. You don’t just want backlinks painstakingly sculpted, from a carefully cultivated farm of sites—you want real people sharing real links back to you. Social marketing can get you exactly that.

#8  Agile responses

When something goes wrong, and people start talking about it, having a public venue to make your statement in goes a long way in mitigating problems. You also gain the ability to capitalize quickly on opportunities, hopping on relevant trends and riding them for traffic and attention. Just be careful to never react blindly to a situation—that’s how you end up with major brands tweeting on hashtags related to tragedies and inviting PR nightmares down upon their brand. Take the time to do your research—a few extra minutes is all it takes to avoid the worst disasters.

So there you have it—eight ways a Zero Down Social campaign can drive your marketing to the next level and push your bottom line to impressive new heights. You’ll struggle to find many marketing venues as flexible, universally applicable, and easy to integrate into your ongoing efforts as a social marketing campaign. So take fullest advantage, and contact ZDS today to find out what your first step should be.

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