7 Ways a ZDS Campaign Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted On: February 24, 2016 by  ZDS

When you look at your options for developing your marketing game, social media probably sits at the top of many modern lists. Few avenues offer the unique blend of branding opportunity, communication opportunity, research opportunity, and more that you can achieve with a good social campaign. That’s why it’s important, if you’re considering a campaign with ZDS, to fully understand all those potential benefits. Here are just seven of the ways your bottom line can improve under the influence of a ZDS campaign:

 7 Ways a ZDS Campaign Will Improve Your Bottom Line

More traffic

The simplest benefit of any marketing campaign is, of course, the increased traffic any worthwhile campaign will generate. With a savvy approach to social marketing, you’ll see quite a few visits coming in from followers, friends of followers clicking through retweets and likes, etc., etc. On LinkedIn or Facebook, cultivating a presence in groups can also generate traffic, just from curiosity. Of course, this all assumes a professional quality social campaign from ZDS—amateurish campaigning can and will result in zero traffic and a bunch of wasted effort. It’s also important to understand that more traffic isn’t necessarily worth your time, if it’s bad traffic clogging up your sales team with bad leads. Which leads us to…

Better traffic

A ZDS campaign can not only improve the total traffic your site sees, it can generate better traffic than you’ve previously seen inbound. That means buyers who are prepped and ready to act, or who are in the right mindset to be caught in an inbound marketing funnel and taken through the process necessary to turn them into qualified leads. When you improve your traffic in this way, you’re naturally going to make more money; each minute a member of your sales time spends trying to close deals, each page with a sales pitch, is going to result in more and better sales. That’s value any business can benefit from.

Improved branding

A good social campaign offers nearly unparalleled potential to develop your brand. Of course, for the same reasons, a poorly managed social campaign can just as easily muddle your brand with inappropriate messaging and incoherent imagery, or damage it with out-of-touch comments, obnoxious shilling, etc. The potential to cultivate your brand to the highest level of customer appreciation can’t be underestimated, nor can the risk—a strong argument for leaving social media to experts, however simple it may seem on the surface. You don’t want to become another company widely derided for jumping in on tragedy-related hashtags, or that allowed interns to make bigoted, sexual, or otherwise offensive comments on the official company account.

Agile response to breaking news

No press release can move quite as fast as word-of-mouth surging along the major social networks. For this reason, a strong social media presence gives you a powerful tool for reacting agilely to developments in your company, your industry, your competition, or the world at large. If a bad rumor about your company goes viral, do you have the means to get your side of the story out where it belongs in a timely manner? If an opportunity arises due to a breaking news story, do you have the tools necessary to turn that opportunity into profit before your competitors do? With the help of ZDS, companies can position themselves for the agile responses that let top-notch businesses thrive.

Spur word-of-mouth

When you get involved in a community, that community starts to talk about you where they otherwise wouldn’t. So long as you’ve taken the steps necessary to make sure people have a positive impression of your brand, spurring more conversation is a great thing for your marketing. You don’t even have to shill your products or services directly to reap the benefits on your bottom line; just offering value and convincing people you’re worth talking about can do much of the hard work for you. And of course, once people start talking, you can start listening, leading to…

Market research

The opportunity to learn about your prospects and customers through social media arises only when people are talking about what you’re offering. While you might gain some slight insights into general purchasing habits around your industry otherwise, to get real in-depth information, you need to start a conversation you can listen to. Once that happens, you can identify market segments you never knew existed, refine your marketing materials to better appeal to the interests of your key customer demographics, fix perceived problems with your image or products, etc., etc. The possibilities are endless, if you have the tools in place to take advantage.

SEO synergy

Good social marketing spreads itself wide and far, well beyond the boundaries of your pool of followers and ‘likes’. That means that a good piece of content shared over Twitter might go viral, showing up in countless locations across the internet—and many, if not all, will be linking back to your site, generating the wholly natural backlink profile every business craves. Even if you’re more focused on the SEO side of marketing, even if social media is only ever an afterthought, this synergy with other marketing approaches gives a social campaign with ZDS massive value to any business interested in thriving on the internet.

Parting thoughts

These are hardly the only benefits of a ZDS campaign—especially if you’re savvy in your interactions and think outside of the box in your social dealings. Forward-thinking companies have leveraged a social presence to offer customer support, build long-term relationships with other businesses, etc., etc. It all depends on how far you want to go…but you have to get started without stepping in any pitfalls, first.


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