10 benefits you’re likely to see from a well-executed social marketing campaign

[Posted on November 23rd, 2015 by Carly Bevins]

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10 benefits you’re likely to see from a well-executed social marketing campaign

Interested in how Zero Down Social will enhance your marketing efforts and improve your bottom line? It’s one thing to understand that social marketing can work wonders for your business, and seek to harness the power of social media for yourself; it’s another to understand what specific benefits you can anticipate, so you can make an informed decision to work with the best.

Today we’ll explain 10 benefits you’re likely to see from a well-executed social marketing campaign. We’ll talk what will happen, why, how it will benefit you, and what other boons you might indirectly obtain as a result of each benefit.

#1 Lead generation

The simplest, most straightforward benefit of a Zero Down Social campaign is, of course, effective lead generation. Not just traffic generation—traffic generation alone doesn’t produce a worthwhile ROI, even if you have the greatest sales funnel in the world. No, with a well-tailored social marketing campaign, you can be sure that you’ll get your content in front of eyes that care about it, tailored in a way that appeals to the demographics, lifestyles, and other segments which matter for peak marketing efficacy. You’ll get leads you can close, instead of a flood of unqualified, uninterested window shoppers.

#2 Branding

A thorough social marketing campaign can work wonders for presenting the world with the a consistent, explicit image of your company. How you interact with the public via social media will greatly inform how you company is perceived—if you want to establish your company as a sophisticated provider of premium products or a casual, friendly business with a sense of humor, as a company which takes guarantees very seriously or as a company which is always willing to engage the public, social marketing is the way to do it. You can easily associate a tone, a logo, key phrases, and other materials with your brand, your company, the way you do business.

#3 Research

Once you get a buzz going about your company on social media, you have an excellent new opportunity—the opportunity to learn about the people buzzing. Once you get the conversation started, you can quite easily ‘listen in’ on the discussions people have about your business, to find out what exactly they’re saying about you when they talk to their friends and family. You can also investigate individuals to develop a better portrait of what your buyers look like, what your detractors look like, and what fence-sitters look like—and from there, you’re ready to really punch your overall marketing strategy up a notch.

#4 Agile communications

When you need to communicate with the public about some issue or product this week, you issue a press release. When you need to get the word out now, a strong social marketing campaign gives you the tools you need to do so. Agility in your reaction to industry news, bad press, and other events can make or break a company—especially in those situations where your reputation might be on the line. Develop a network of people primed to listen to you on social media, and you can spread messages far faster than you otherwise would.

#5 Happier customers

Customers like a company they can talk to. They like a company that pops in when they complain about something to a friend and offer a solution, or who answers their weird questions when they get a tweet or a Facebook message. Think of a strong social media campaign as a form of low-level customer support—you probably don’t want to drill down into serious issues over Facebook, but you can put out a lot of fires before they start if you’re active enough. And customers will appreciate it.

#6 Platform for building partnerships

A solid social presence looks promising to other businesses—it gives them a way to see how you communicate, how you market, who you market to, and what customers think about your business. That makes a strong presence in the social realm a potent tool for developing valuable relationships with other companies. You, in turn, can find worthwhile partnerships in the same way; by seeing what other companies overlap with your customer base, without being positioned in conflict with your own business.

#7 Potential for viral returns

It’s not really something any business can control, but sometimes, social media interactions blow up in a big way. You can’t really make it happen on purpose, of course, but a solid social ground game is crucial if you want it to even be a possibility—and given the potential ROI on a piece of marketing material going viral in a good way, it’s something worth investing in.

#8 Improved conversion rates

Companies that engage in social marketing campaigns note improved conversion rates across the board; it seems that even when customers don’t buy directly due to social marketing, making your company available and personable leaves a lingering impact on how people perceive your company. It can also be something as simple as making enough noise in enough places that people remember you—brand recognition still counts for a lot, even in 2015.

#9 Established authority

The right approach to social marketing can give your company a degree of industrial authority its difficult to achieve otherwise. Even if you just specialize in becoming authoritative on a particular niche of your industry, that authority lends itself to success for your company in all areas.

#10 Strengthened SEO

When you share content and talk to people on social media networks, you create new potential backlinks, new sources of incoming ‘link juice’ to really power up your SEO. This makes social marketing a potent tool even if you’re primarily focused on inbound marketing tactics.

These are far from the only benefits your business might see in working with Zero Down Social—whatever your marketing strategy, whatever your long or short-term goals for your business, a savvy social marketing strategy paired with savvy social marketing tactics will almost always generate a worthwhile ROI, in terms of pure profitability and lead generation, and less easily quantified benefits such as public perception and customer satisfaction. Try Zero Down Social, and find out what your marketing is missing.

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